Safety and trust

At Filip Spedition we always aim to retain a professional and motivated team. We achieve our goal by ensuring the best possible work conditions and reducing staff rotation or absences.

Our dispatcher is ready to help you by offering communication assistance in international languages such as English, Italian, French, Spanish and German. This ensures optimal communication with partners, drivers and traffic department, to avoid ambiguities in the transmission of information related to the route.


A cargo or goods that are transported can be moved by a variety of transport means and can be organized into different categories. Particularly for very long distances, transporting the product by road will have many advantages available to anyone.

At Filip Spedition we have operators involved in the logistics of the goods, their management being part of the management we offer to our customer, controlling the flow and storage efficiently, through services and information between travel locations.

Continuous tracking

For each route segment we provide traffic management through system alerts regarding the deviation from the route and from the planned time range. This service gives you access to the transport status and you can estimate the time of arrival.

Filip Spedition supports their partners by meeting the needs of their clients. For orders with multiple unloading activities, Filip Spedition provides truck warning services at unloading locations.


For us time is not relative. Safety is not optional. And efficiency in delivery and communication is not just words. We know what we are doing, and we guarantee it through our team with 24/7 dedicated professionals.

We have grown with our customers’ expectations and have developed solutions tailored to various industries such as automotive, recycling, metal manufacturing, metal processing, wood industry, sanitary ware, agricultural machinery manufacturing, FMCG and logistics.

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