Services and solutions

Dedicated transport

For larger partners, Fillip Spedition offers dedicated transport services, providing fleet and specialized staff. With this service you are sure the goods will have the highest quality transport and will arrive in a timely manner at their destination.

We have adapted our services to provide more options. The types of transport offered include general palletized cargo, volume cargo, metal rolls and stainless steel coils, dangerous cargo ADR - Class 3, bulk cargo (ferrous and non-ferrous waste).

Storage service

Through the storage service located in Arad - Romania, we take care of all the storage operations, from the reception of goods, its handling & storage, to delivery. We have a great experience in logistics and warehousing services working for large customers. Our mission is to provide you with the best customized storage solutions.

At Filip Spedition we have operators involved in the logistics of the goods, their management being part of the management we offer to our customer, controlling the flow and storage efficiently, through services and safety between travel locations.

Buffer trailers

In the case of transport circuits, Filip Spedition provides buffer trailers at loading locations, in order to optimize transit times and delivery deadlines. Thus, we avoid possible delays caused by the lack of necessary transport equipment.

The different cargo types we handle have led us to diversify the range of models of our commercial fleet. Specialized in volume transport, we turned to mega trailers from traditional manufacturers such as Schmitz Cargobull, Koegel, Merker and Knapen.

Digital Solutions

Order Processing

Driver information

Place order


    Constantly know where your shipment is and when it arrives at its destination. We use modern systems to know in real time what the status of your goods is.


    We manage all the information related to your shipment, independently storing your data, requirements and processes related to the goods you entrust us.


    With the help of the advanced technology implemented, the transport drivers are always informed and live up to the highest standards to deliver your goods safely.


    Constant transport monitoring, drivers constantly informed, as well as the consultancy offered for choosing the most efficient and fastest route are the elements of a safe transport.


    We efficiently and quickly identify the mode and transport capacity of your goods, properly placing the cargo in the transport space or increasing the space if necessary.


    Through our portal, you can place an order online and manage it as you wish by accessing information and documents related to the transport of your goods.

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