State-of-the-art car park

More than 500 vehicles

The entire Filip Spedition fleet is equipped with a GPS monitoring system. This equipment enables transport management, verification and supervision, guaranteeing optimal response and transit times.

Transport safety and timely deliveries are based both on good organization and high-performance vehicles. At Filip Spedition we rely on technical excellence, which is why we have chosen prestigious manufacturers such as Scania, Volvo, DAF and Mercedes for our tractor units. The average age of our trucks is 1 and a half years.

Types of semi-trailers

• Tarpaulin trailers
• Double floor trailers
• Trailers with movable floor
• Tipper trailers

Optimization and monitoring

Our semi-trailers have DEKRA & Schmitz Carbobull certificates for transport safety.

Every truck and semitrailer are tracked via GPS, and every driver has a smartphone.

The entire Filip Spedition fleet benefits from 24/7 service support throughout Europe.

Our vehicles have transport certificates and authorizations depending on the type of transport they carry out.